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  1. Aberdeen Park

    Aberdeen Park is an 11-bed rehabilitation unit that offers support with independent living for people with high needs.

    We offer intensive recovery and rehabilitation for people who have been in acute services.

    Address: 19 Aberdeen Park,  Highbury, London, N5 2AR

  2. Access and Flow

    We provide a 24-hour Access and Flow service for adults who require admission to our acute and older adult wards. The team also sources specialist placements to include CAMHS for young people, mother and baby unit (MBU), learning disability and Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU).

    This team is made up of senior nurses who take referrals from our home treatment teams following consideration as to whether an alternative to admission is possible.

    Address: The Chase Building,  Chase Farm Hospital,  The Ridgeway, Enfield, EN2 8JL

  3. Adult ADHD Clinic

    The Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) service is a tertiary provision for people over 18 years of age and within the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey catchment areas. It provides specialist assessment and pharmacological treatment for Adult ADHD. It is a non-emergency service and there are no provisions for care co-ordination at present.

    At present, we offer new patient ADHD diagnostic assessments with titration of ADHD medication. We also run a 14-week adult ADHD life skills group, please be aware there are long waits for this and we only accept patients under our care.

    Address: Level 2,  Springwell Centre,  Barnet General Hospital,  Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, EN5 3DJ

  4. Amethyst Ward

    Amethyst ward (formerly Dunkley) is a hospital ward (women) for people in need of inpatient care for mental health treatment. A team of health professionals will provide information about the ward on arrival. 

    Address: Highgate West Mental Health Centre,  Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N19 5NX

  5. Avesbury House

    Avesbury House is a low secure unit which provides care and rehabilitation for adult males as they move towards the community, but continue to require 24-hour nursing care.

    The North London Forensic Service, part of BEH’s specialist services, provides two teams to care for the 24 patients placed at Avesbury House. This specialist resource is an independent hospital functioning as a low secure unit run in partnership with The Priory.

    Avesbury House provides care and rehabilitation for patients who have been in conditions of security who are consolidating their progress as they move towards the community, but continue to require 24-hour nursing care.

    Address: Avesbury House,  85 Tanners End Lane, Edmonton, N18 1PQ

  6. Barnet Adult Psychology

    Including the Complex Emotional Needs Pathway

    We provide psychological assessment and treatment for people who need help with a range of mental health problems including depression and anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Address: Ground Floor (Level 2),  Springwell Centre,  Barnet General Hospital,  Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, EN5 3DJ

  7. Barnet Assessment Service

    Barnet Assessment Service provides people with an initial assessment of their mental health needs. The Assessment Service is not a crisis service.

    The aim is to provide service users with an initial assessment of their needs and refer them onto services which will then be able to meet those needs. This could include referral within the Trust for interventions such as psychological therapy, medication management or referral to local statutory or charitable agencies. The Assessment Service is not a crisis service.

    Address: Barnet Assessment Service (formerly Triage),  Second Floor,  Dennis Scott Unit ,  Edgware Community Hospital,  Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, HA8 0AD

  8. Barnet Complex Emotional Needs Pathway

    Barnet CEN Pathway Team offers a specialist outpatient assessment and treatment service to people living in the London Borough of Barnet who have complex emotional needs, have experienced trauma and have personality difficulties.

    We support and enable people to understand, manage and improve emotional difficulties and interpersonal relationships. Our aim is to support service users on a journey of self-discovery to work towards a life worth living and to understand and work with barriers preventing a meaningful recovery. 

    Address: Ground Floor (Level 2) Springwell Centre,  Barnet General Hospital,  Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, EN5 3DJ

  9. Barnet Hospital Liaison Team at Barnet Hospital A&E

    We support the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department at Barnet General Hospital and work with patients suspected of having a mental health problem.

    Address: Barnet General Hospital,  Springwell Centre,  Barnet General Hospital,  Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, EN5 3DJ


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