North London Mental Health Partnership Strategy

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust are working together in a formal Partnership, with a single Chair, Chief Executive and Partnership Executive Team. Our Partnership Strategy was launched in May 2023 and gives our Partnership a clear identity. We are now called the North London Mental Health Partnership and are working towards becoming one new NHS organisation on 1 October 2024, to be called the North London NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Partnership Strategy sets out how we will:

  • Improve outcomes for our service users, sharing best practice to improve the quality of care and ensure our services are delivered consistently in each borough
  • Remove competition between our two Trusts and address mutual challenges collaboratively
  • Be a united and powerful voice, nationally and locally, to champion mental health and mental health services in North London, and be at the forefront of national policy developments to highlight the rights and needs of our service users
  • Provide more career development opportunities for our staff through our bigger scale and greater range of services
  • Provide a single leadership team that works with all of our stakeholders at System, Borough and Neighbourhood level
  • Create a new, shared culture and set of values, aimed at providing care that is preventative, compassionate, personalised and trauma-informed
  • Make efficiencies through economies of scale and reinvesting resources where they are most needed

By coming together as the new North London NHS Foundation Trust on 1 October we can achieve more for our service users, their carers, our staff and our local communities. We will continue to engage our service users, carers, staff, partners and local people in co-producing the culture of our new Trust as it develops further, taking the best of both current organisations. 

Our four Strategic Aims for the Partnership

Our four Strategic Aims for the Partnership over the next five years are that:

  • We provide consistently high-quality care, closer to home
  • With our partners in North London and each Borough we will ensure equity of outcome for all
  • We create great places to work, providing staff with a supportive environment to deliver outstanding care
  • We will be more effective as an organisation by pioneering research, Quality Improvement and technology

Our Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives for 2023/24 for the Partnership are:

  • We will provide high quality inpatient care in facilities in North London to any service user who needs it
  • We will be responsive, co-producing care with all our service users and carers, and ensuring all service users have ease of access to the care and support they need
  • We will lead the improvement of children and young people’s mental health care with partners across North London
  • We will have buildings and estate that provide the most therapeutic environments for care and treatment of service users and for staff to work in
  • We will extend our work with local communities and voluntary groups to address health inequalities and improve population health
  • We will improve outcomes for everyone who uses our services, reducing unwarranted variation and ensuring consistency in the delivery of care
  • We will reduce disparities in care delivery, such as the over-representation of some ethnicities in the use of the Mental Health Act and other restrictive practices
  • We will create a culture where staff are able to bring their authentic self to work and feel truly supported with learning and career development opportunities
  • As a local anchor institution, we will work with partners, such as educational providers, and our communities to facilitate routes into jobs with us for local people
  • We will make demonstrable progress towards having leadership and management teams that represent the communities we serve
  • We will create a learning culture, empowering our teams to undertake research and QI projects and convert these into the delivery of best practice, developing innovative services, and enabling local patients’ access to the latest treatment options
  • We will transform the delivery, efficiency and effectiveness of our organisation through the use of data, technology and implementation of best practice

Our Partnership Values

The new Partnership Values replace the existing Values and Cultural Pillars from the individual Trusts, to create a vision for a new way of working.   

our values- below

  • We are kind: We show empathy and compassion for one another so we feel supported and safe 
  • We are respectful: We treat one another fairly, with courtesy and honesty, so we feel valued and appreciated  
  • We work together: We work as one team across the Partnership and beyond so we feel supported, connected and better able to do our part 
  • We keep things simple: We make it easy to do things once, so we are clear and able to focus on doing our job well 
  • We empower: We seek ways to continuously improve so we feel motivated and trusted to do our best work 
  • We are proudly diverse: We celebrate our diversity and ensure inclusivity with opportunities open to all, so we can bring our authentic self to work


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