Learning and organisational development

The Partnership actively works to ensure that all staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in order for them to do their job competently and confidently. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that the workforce is able to deliver the sort of quality of service that our service users and patients quite reasonably expect, now and in the future – and this applies equally whether you work in frontline clinical services or in a support role that enables the organisation to work in the most effective way.

Within the Partnership, we have an extensive offer of learning activities, from the vital provision of mandatory training and apprenticeships, through to our high quality offer of programmes and activity that supports our aim to help our managers and leaders to be truly professional in those roles.

We are justifiably proud of our efforts to support learning across the trust, from ward to Board, and work to ensure that this offer is open to everyone regardless of banding or occupation. The Partnership is committed to innovation – and this applies as much in terms of thinking about how best to address workforce development as it does to the provision of our clinical services.

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