Trainee Nursing Associates

The Nursing Associate role establishes a new function in nursing teams, providing care and support for patients and service users. Intended to address a skills gap between health and care assistants and registered nurses, the role is regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in England.

The Nursing Associate is trained to work with people of all ages and in a variety of settings in health and social care and will support the registered nurse in delivering care in practice enabling the registered nurses to focus on more complex clinical duties. The role is also intended to be a new route to become a registered nurse.

Information about the role

The Trainee Nursing Associate developmental role is paid at Band 3 with the trainee working towards progression into a Band 4 Nursing Associate through successfully completing a two year Nursing Associate training programme. This includes attainment of level 5 Foundation Degree equivalent qualifications. The Nursing Associate role sits between the Health Care Support Worker (HCSW) and Registered Nurse (RN) and will support for the registered nurse in delivering effective evidence based nursing care.

During the training programme the Trainee Nursing Associate will develop and maintain knowledge, skills and competencies related to the role of Nursing Associate within the service and through completion of the Nursing Associate training programme, which includes working in care settings and delivery of person-centred care.


Applications are welcomed from people with experience from across the health and social care sector.

Potential applicants may be from the following health and social care professionals (as examples, but not an exhaustive list):

  • Health care assistants
  • Health care support workers
  • Key workers
  • Outreach workers
  • Administrative staff

Future Trainee Nursing Associate recruitment

We will continue to develop our workforce to ensure we deliver high standards of care to our service users across the Trust. 

To learn more about the role of Nursing Associates, watch the videos below which are on You Tube.

Read the Healthcare Apprenticships leaflet created by Health Education England for useful information about the functional skills support required for applications.

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