Capital Nurse Programme

The CapitalNurse Programme was established in July 2015 as a programme of collective action to secure a sustainable registered nursing workforce for London. The programme is collaboration between Directors of Nursing and HR Directors from health service providers, Health Education England, NHS England, NHS Improvement, providers of nurse education, CCGs, trade union and professional organisations. 

Aims of the programme

The aim of the programme is to ensure we get nursing right for London ensuring that:

  • There is the right nursing workforce in the capital
  • Our workforce has the rights skills
  • Our workforce is in the right places
  • All nurses are working to deliver excellence

Objectives of the programme

Working with the Capital Nurse programme we are committed to achieve a specific set of objectives which are to:

  • Have an ongoing supply of people choosing a training route into nursing and access to further training beyond registration so that we have appropriately skilled and motivated workforce to meet the changing requirements of healthcare in London
  • Develop efficient and effective recruitment, retention and career development structures that deliver high quality, person-centred care across the capital
  • Energise nurses and those working in nursing workforce activities by engaging in ‘collective’ action and to evidence the impact using data and narrative stories
  • Create a positive and inspirational image of nursing in London

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