Suicide prevention

Suicide is a complex issue which can affect anyone. There is no single cause and no single solution. As a member of the Zero Suicide Alliance, we believe that suicide is not inevitable. We play a critical role within the communities of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington to do all we can to prevent suicide, and work closely with our partnership organisations to make a difference.

In this section, we aim to share information, advice and resources to help and support you, as well as information about the work we do at the North London Mental Health Partnership. 

Our suicide prevention strategy

We have developed a suicide prevention strategy.  You can download the Suicide Prevention Strategy [pdf] 722KB here. The strategy has five principles:

  1. Everyone in our Trust has something to contribute to this work – we value the diversity of our shared skills, experience and ideas.  
  2. We respect the unique contribution of the narratives of those lost to suicide and the experience of those affected by suicide; and those who live with suicidal thoughts and feelings. 
  3. We recognise that suicide prevention, learning and support are all interconnected, and that we will only achieve better outcomes by focussing on learning from suicide and supporting each other.
  4. Suicide prevention requires safer care for ALL, irrespective of perceived risk. Strengthening the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of safe care and suicide prevention. 
  5. Suicide relates to many factors, some of which are outside of our control as NHS Trusts. We will work in collaboration with multi-agency partners and communities to make improvements across different systems.

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