The Side by Side Network

The Side by Side Network is for people who have used GP-based mental health services locally. The Network looks at the views, expertise and experiences that people have when using the service and gives them the opportunity to raise any concerns and hopes giving us a better understanding the needs of our service users.

We know that the expertise of people who have used our services will help us in order to make them truly world-class. We are focused on continuing to make mental health services more effective by bringing them closer to where people live.

That will mean providing mental health services at people’s GP surgeries wherever this is helpful. This is something that we continue to grow.

GP-based mental health service users can join one of two groups in The Side by Side Network. These are: 

The Side by Side Network

The Side by Side Network gives people with lived experience of mental health problems the chance to identify any issues and to highlight anything they believe is important. Members of the network are asked for their views in a number of ways including by email and regular three-monthly meetings.  

The Side by Side Network is also an information hub with opportunities to participate in events in and outside the Trust such as co-designing service change, delivering training and consultation events. Members of the Network get to hear about training, work and volunteering opportunities too.

The Practice-based Advisory Committee

The Committee of Members is a smaller group that meets monthly and represents the views of the Side by Side Network. The Committee advises the Trust on key issues and concerns responds to current ideas and plans and is directly involved in planning GP-based mental health care services.  

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