C&I Members

Membership is one of the main ways for service users, staff and members of the public to get involved with C&I and have their say on how we run our services. 

Members receive regular updates on developments and are invited to events, talks and community days, which provide engaging insight into what we do. The Trust and its Governors will also ask members for their views on particular issues. Members are also eligible for Health Service Discounts.


Most importantly, members are eligible to vote and/or stand as candidates in the C&I Council of Governor elections.

Membership is free and is open to people over the age of 16 who either:

  • Are currently using, or have used in the last five years, C&I Trust services,
  • Care for someone who is currently using, or has used in the last five years, C&I Trust services,
  • Live in the local area,
  • Work for the Trust (qualifying staff are automatically members unless they opt out).

Why you should become a Member?

  • Help C&I to become a more responsive organisation with an improved understanding of the needs of our service users, local communities and staff.
  • Find out more about mental health and the work of the Trust.
  • Have a say on how we develop our services.
  • Become more involved, e.g. by volunteering or attending members' events.
  • Ask questions of / provide feedback to Governors who will help represent your interests and those of local people.
  • Vote in the elections of the Council of Governors or stand for election yourself.
  • Become eligible for Health Service Discounts.

Membership Newsletters

Our quarterly Membership Newsletters share with you important news and events that may be of interest to you.

To access these, please click on the edition below.

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