Our O.S.C.A.R.S Staff Awards

Every year, our Partnership holds a staff awards ceremony to recognise the vital contributions of the people who work here.  We encourage staff to nominate each other for a variety of awards as a way of celebrating all our staff and of thanking those whose work has been extraordinary.

Recognising the good work that our teams do is a wonderful way not only to say thank you to them, but to also encourage excellent care across our Partnership. 

2024 O.S.C.A.R.S

2024 is a very special and historic year for our Partnership as we move toward becoming a new Trust in October – all the more reason to celebrate the outstanding work of our staff.

This year's awards ceremony took place on Thursday 23 May 2024.  You can read more about the winners here. 

The oscars 2024 ready to go

Our award categories

The award categories are: 


Living Our Partnership Values Award - Recognising people who live our values in what they do every day 

An individual who has: 
Demonstrated one or more of our Partnership Values in a way that makes them stand out. Our Values are: We are kind; We are respectful; We work together; We keep things simple; We empower; We are proudly diverse 

Ensuring Equity of Outcome For All Award - Recognising people who have enhanced equality, diversity and inclusion for all, regardless of where live people and their background 


An individual who has: 
(1) Embraced difference and challenged discrimination 
(2) Been approachable and welcoming to all 
(3) Broken down barriers to inclusivity 
(4) Built strong partnerships with others, including service users, carers and external partners. 

Providing Consistently High-Quality Care Award - Recognising people who consistently contribute towards high-quality care and a positive service user experience 

An individual who has: 
(1) Kept quality at the front of mind for everyone 
(2) Strived to provide excellent care and continuously improve 
(3) Consistently ensured safe and personalised clinical or therapeutic care. 

Creating a Great Place to Work Award - Recognising people who create a happy, healthy and safe work environment for colleagues to make our Partnership a great place to work 

An individual who has: 
(1) Created a happy place to work, acting with empathy, kindness and compassion 
(2) Created a healthy and safe place to work, offering help to colleagues and speaking up on issues that need to be raised 
(3) Engaged colleagues, recognising and celebrating the efforts of colleagues 

Pioneering Research, Quality Improvement and Technology Award - Recognising people who have simplified processes and/or improved care through the successful use of a quality improvement project, new technology or research 

An individual who has: 
(1) Implemented a change that resulted in/enabled improved care for service users 
(2) Engaged others and communicated clearly about the project 
(3) Helped to keep processes simple and consistent 

Team of the Year Award - Recognising teams who work together to strive for excellence 

A team that has: 
(1) Strived for excellence for service users 
(2) Created an environment that supports the wellbeing of colleagues 
(3) Recognised and celebrated the efforts of all 
(4) Built connections and learnt from colleagues across the Partnership 

Leader/Manager of the Year Award - Recognising leaders who embody our Leadership Framework 

An individual who has: 
Demonstrated one or more of the Partnership Leadership qualities in a way that makes them stand out. These leaders are visible, inquisitive, collaborative, compassionate, accountable, empower others and inspire vision and purpose. 

Apprentice and / or Learner of the Year Award - Recognising people who take personal responsibility for their learning and have used this to make an exemplary contribution to their service 

An individual who has: 
(1) Taken personal responsibility for their learning 
(2) Used their learning to make an exemplary contribution to their team/service/department or division through their ideas, hard work and/or positive impact 
(3) Strived to do excellent work and continuously improve 

GEM — Going the Extra Mile Award— our service user nominated award

This award allows the general public to recognise a member of staff who has gone above and beyond to provide good care whether to them or to their loved one.  This can be related to care within one of our hospitals, or it could be a staff member working in one of our community settings.

Unsung Hero Award

This awards recognises the contribution of someone who plays an exceptional role delivering care to our service-users, but in a quiet way that does not attract attention or praise but is hugely valuable in its own way.

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